SCRUM Developer Certification (SDC™)


Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) è la certificazione che garantisce che i membri del team SCRUM siano in grado di contribuire efficacemente al progetto gestito con l’approccio Agile.

Il materiale del corso e gli strumenti per la preparazione sono disponibili ONLINE e a fine corso si può sostenere l’esame vigilato (Proctored EXAM): 75 domande a risposta multipla in 90 minuti. Si supera l’esame rispondendo correttamente al 70% delle domande. L’esame può essere ripetuto due volte gratuitamente.

Dal 2020, il corso è disponibile anche in lingua Italiana.

Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) is an entry level certification for Scrum Team members and those who interact with any Scrum Team.

The objective of this certification is to ensure that Scrum Team members know enough about Scrum to effectively contribute to a Scrum project.

Audience Profile: This course is highly recommended for everyone in a company who works in a Scrum Team or anyone who interacts with any Scrum Team. It will also be very useful for those who are interested in understanding the basics of Scrum and how this method could be used effectively.

Prerequisites: There is no formal prerequisite for this certification.

Training: As SCRUMstudy ATP, we offer a full standard class to prepare any SCRUM certification exam. If you like do by your self – spending only a fraction of the standard class costs – please, access the online course for self-study. We suggest the full standard class for company groups only, to accelerate the training process.

The Online Course includes:

  • E-copy of SBOK™ Guide
  • High quality video tutorials
  • Roles Guide for SDC exam

Learn and take the exam.

  1. Learn the relevant sections from the SBOK Guide
  2. Schedule the one and half hour proctored exam.
  3. SCRUMstudy verifies the application; confirms the exam date & time.
  4. Take the proctored SDC exam online.

Upon successful completion of the exam get an online certificate.

  1. Your name will be added to the SCRUMstudy Certification Registry.
  2. If you are unable to pass the exam, you can schedule again and take a maximum of two free exam retakes.

Cost for Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) Online Course

  • The total cost, including exam and IVA 22%, is 249.00€.

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