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Nuova Certificazione ideata da Luiz C. Parzianello, CEO @ Surya | Business Agility Getting Real, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

“Business Agility is the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market changes and respond flexibly to customer demands, doing so sustainably and outperforming its competitors. If you’ve ever noticed that the new wave of Agile is all about Business, the new role of leadership is the Agile Business Owner. It is a great pleasure to see this partnership between Surya Education and CertiProf that will provide Executive Education and Professional Certification of Agile Business Owners, which I consider the most critical new role for Business Agility. I hope you enjoy our Reference Model and join us in the mission to evolve the business mindset around the world.”

CertiProf® is now offering the Agile Business Owner Foundations Certificate (ABOFC) for those who wish to be guided in the development of competencies to satisfactorily perform this new strategic role in the implementation of Business Agility. The Agile Business Owner is a business leader responsible for leveraging results and evolving a given business context, through the development of new organizational capabilities based on Lean, Agile and Exponential approaches.

This certification attests that the professional demonstrates an understanding of the essential knowledge and skills of the Agile Business Owner role, being able to act under the guidance of a senior professional. It is the first step on the path of professional development that goes to the levels of Beginner, Practitioner, Professional and Specialist. It can be achieved through self-study or by guidance from experienced instructors.

The body of knowledge approached by this certification covers the following topics:

  • the Agile Business Owner Reference Model,
  • Digital Economy, and
  • VUCA Leadership,
  • Lean-Agile Thinking for Business Management,
  • Business Agility and
  • Exponential Organizations.

Obiettivi di Apprendimento

  • Competences and responsibilities of the Agile Business Owner role by the definitions and scope of its Reference Model, including the Leadership, Practice, Competence and Proficiency Models.
  • The concept of VUCA World and its relationship with the challenges of the Digital Economy, implying new models of leadership, management, and organizational culture.
  • Understand how principles and practices of Lean Thinking can be applied in business management, involving: the 5 Principles, 8 Wastes, Value Stream and Pulled Systems, Culture of Excellence and Evolutionary Processes.
  • Understand the evolution of Agile Thinking, from its Manifesto and the focus on topics such as processes, products, and scalability, to the growing interest in Business Agility. Models such as The Heart of Agile and Modern Agile are addressed in this certification, as well as some basic concepts of the main methods and frameworks for the business context, such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFe.
  • Understand the Domains of Business Agility proposed by the Business Agility Institute, with its dimensions of Relationships, Leadership, Individuals, and Operations, which cover topics such as Workforce, Board, Partners, People Management, One Team, Strategic Agility, Growth Mindset, Craft Excellence, Ownership & Accountability, Structural Agility, Process Agility, Enterprise Agility.
  • Understand how the Exponential Organizations model can be used to leverage business results and accelerate innovation and the achievement of Business Agility. It covers topics such as Massive Transformative Purpose, Interfaces, Dashboards, Experimentation, Autonomy, Social, Staff on demand, Community and Crowd, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, and Engagement.

A chi si rivolge

Anyone interested in managing a business or conducting change initiatives with an appropriate mental model for the Digital Economy. Among the main roles targeted for this certification, we recommend to:

  • Directors and senior management representatives;
  • Agile Business Owners and other Business Leaders;
  • Product Leaders (Product Managers and Product Owners);
  • Project, Program and Portfolio Leaders (PMO);
  • Process Leaders (Governance, Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters);
  • People Leaders (Managers and HRBPs);
  • Business Consultants (SMS, Analysts, etc.).


Non ci sono particolari prerequisiti formali per questa certificazione di persona.

Certificazione della Persona:

Codice Certificazione: ABOFC.

  • Esame ONLINE con 40 domande a risposta multipla.
  • Lingua: Inglese.
  • Si supera con punteggio di 24/40 o 60%.
  • Durata: massimo 60 minuti.

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Va precisato che le PDU sono a fronte della partecipazione ai nostri corsi e non al superamento dell’esame.

Contenuti del corso e dell’esame

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  • Versione ONLINE – Accesso per 6 mesi dalla abilitazione.
  • Versione a Distanza – n. 18 ore via Skype.
  • Versione On Site – n. 3 giornate da 8 ore.

Quotazioni Individuali

  • Versione Online, incluso Esame – € 400,00 + IVA.
  • Versione a Distanza (include la versione Online – € 900,00 + IVA – minimo 5 partecipanti.
  • Versione On Site (include a versione Online) – € 900,00 + IVA – minimo 5 partecipanti.

Come accedere la versione Online

Le iscrizioni vengono gestite sul portale I passi per accedere il materiale del corso sono:

  1. Registrarsi (o essere già registrati) al portale.
  2. Iscriversi al corso  con il modulo di iscrizione.
  3. Effettuare il bonifico con le nostre modalità di pagamento.
  4. Comunicare a   l’avvenuto pagamento, per essere abilitati ad accedere i materiali.
  5. Iniziare a studiare seguendo le specifiche del corso.
  6. In qualsiasi momento puoi decidere di partecipare al corrispondente corso in aula o a distanza, integrando la differenza di quota.
  7. Appena pronto, chiedi a PMTSI di prenotare il tuo esame online.

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