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Novità per il Nuovo Esame PMP

A partire dal 2021, le domande di esame PMP possono avere più formati:

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. Fill in the blanks
  3. MCQ one right answer
  4. MCQ  multiple right answers
  5. Video/Audio Comprehension followed by questions.

Bisogna esercitarsi con quesi nuovi formati, in modo da non essere sorpresi all’esame effettivo. Ecco un esempio di domanda con richiesta di più risposte:

Esempio Nuove Domande di Esame PMP

oppure, domanda con richiesta di mettere in ordine più opzioni:

Esempio Domanda Nuovo Esame PMP

oppure, domanda con richieste di abbinamento:

Esempio di Domande Nuovo Esame PMPande

Altri esempi tratti da

1) You are assigned a project that requires the manufacturing of medical equipment for one of your company’s current clients. Your company has executed similar projects successfully in the past. During which phase of the project would you consider referring to previous project documents for the similar projects?

A) Scope planning
B) Scope verification
C) Scope definition
D) Initiation

2) What tools and techniques are typically used in the scope definition process?

A) Analysis of the product, cost/benefit analysis estimates,  identification of alternative approaches, and expert judgment.
B) Work breakdown structure templates and decomposition of deliverables into smaller, more manageable components.
C) Review of historical information, creation of project constraints and assumptions, and cost/benefit analysis estimates
D) Project justification, work breakdown structure templates, and identification of alternative approaches.

3) Assurance that activities throughout time have conformed to the organization’s requirements can be accomplished through the use of:

A) Status reports.
B) Project stage gates.
C) Benchmarking.
D) Control charts.

4) You are the project manager on a project that has met all deliverables on schedule and on budget. What MUST be done to ensure all work was completed correctly and satisfactorily?

A) Perform product verification.
B) Perform a procurement audit.
C) Obtain formal acceptance from the client.
D) Obtain formal approval from the contracts manager.

5) Company A and Company B merge to create a new organization, Company ABC. Both companies operated strategic business units and employed full-time project managers. Although both companies were composite matrix management organizations, their corporate and project management cultures and organizational structures differed. Company A’s project management organizations tailored their processes and tools to their assigned strategic business units; Company B’s project management organizations centralized the development of processes and tools for corporate-wide adoption. The new organization, Company ABC, retained the strategic business units, composite matrix management organization, and full-time project managers. It has a single project organization that aligns project managers with strategic units.
What kind of project management behavior culture would MOST likely have developed at Company A?

A) Isolated
B) Fragmented
C) Non-cooperative
D) Competitive

Company ABC has separate headquarters in the United States and the United Kingdom to oversee its North American and European regions respectively. Which cultural characteristics are MOST likely to be evident at the North American headquarters?

A) Communicate formally and respect tradition.
B) Focus on task accomplishments and reward individualism.
C) Value history, hierarchy, individualism and loyalty.
D) Communicate indirectly and emphasis hard work and success.

(risposte corrette: 1D, 2A, 3D, 4C, 5AB)

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