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Esame PMP®: Esempi di Domande Agile

Più del 50% delle domande di esame di certificazione PMP® riguardano le metodologie Agile. Il PMBOK ® Guide 7th conferma questa tendenza, integrando tutti i concetti base di Agile, fermo restando l’esigenza di approcci ibridi, quantomeno nelle fasi di transizione da Waterfall a Agile. Offriamo qui di seguito alcune domande di esame di certificazione PMP®, molto simili a quelle reali che si incontrano nell’esame PMP® effettivo.

 Una certificazione PMP® è per Sempre!”


Domanda n. 01

In order to maintain a Client Website, the Agile Team takes over from another Supplier. The reason for this takeover is the fact that the recent browser changes made by the supplier has necessitated the Website’s users to install a plug-in which was uncalled for. In which of the following ways should the Agile Team move forward?

  1. Inform the Client about the Previous Supplier’s Negligence
  2. Deliver the Code Updates as defined in the Contract
  3. Get all the Pre-Existing Code Updated to remove any plug-in dependencies
  4. Notify the Client about the information and Propose an Impact Analysis

Risposta: 4) – In this case, the Client needs to be made aware of the impact of recent plug-in issue on businesses and costs.

Domanda n. 02

While  coordinating Delivery Work, one of the Client Stakeholders shows resistance. The Agile Project Manager begins to suspect that the Automation involved in the Delivered Product might  have made the Stakeholder’s Role Obsolete. Which of the following methods would be most effective to help deal with the resistance?

  1. Guide the Stakeholders to express their concerns and full transparency
  2. Directly Express Empathy to the Stakeholder to gain Cooperation
  3. Let the Stakeholder know that their cooperation and patience are well appreciated
  4. Request the Client to change the Client Stakeholder creating resistance to avoid Project Delays

Risposta: 1) –  Active Listening & Transparency are vital to gain Trust. Lack of Transparency results is mistrust which is often the root cause of resistance.

Domanda n. 03

You are part of an Agile Team that excels at solving Technical Problems. The Team however remains silent when the Product Owner asks for Creative or Business- related Ideas. Do you think that this is a problem?

  1. Not at all. In fact the Team performs better without useless distractions
  2. Yes., Teams that excel are prone to higher error rates
  3. Not at all. Specialist Team are more effective that Generalist Teams
  4. Yes. Team is unable to adapt owing to Lack of Diversity and/or Openness

Risposta: 4) – Agile Teams require Cross-functional Team Members that allows the Team to work more independently and adapt to changing needs.

Domanda n. 04

In the last three Iterations, the Agile Team has surpassed the planned number of Stories. By which of the following measures can the Project Manager be sure that all the work performed is truly complete?

  1. Verify the results of all the performed Tests
  2. Instruct the Team Members to verify each other’s work
  3. Cross-check Results against the Definition of Done (DoD)
  4. Enquire the Product Owner if (s)he is satisfied with the results

Risposta: 3) – The Definition of Done s a checklist of all the Criteria that each and every user story needs to mandatorly suffice to be eligible to be marked ad Completed.

Domanda n. 05

Your Agile Team has been given the Task to come up with a Senior-Friendly Version of Smartphone E-commerce Application. Even after a lot of  Marketing Efforts, one hasn’t been able to find any volunteer test users fit for the Profile. Which of the following options would be the most effective one to ensure that the best product value gets delivered?

  1. Instruct the Team to run Friendly Tests with Senior Relatives
  2. Ask the team to Enquire Senior Relatives as to what all  Price Points they want
  3. Evaluate Similar Competitor Products
  4. Get the eye glasses removed when testing the User Interface

Risposta: 1) – Up and over the formal data collection procedures, Agile favors User Feedback.

Domanda n. 06

XYZ Inc. Is losing Market Share to Disruptive Competitors who keep coming up with new Business Models. The Agile Team is instructed to restrict the number of features and get them to the market faster. In which of the following ways can the Agile Team best help endure the same?

  1. Reprioritize the Sprint Backlog to work on the Smallest and Simplest Stories at first
  2. Reduce the Increments to enable faster Product Releases
  3. Update the Product Vision to reflect a User-Driven Release Roadmap
  4. Prioritize the Backlog to deliver basic functionality in small increments

Risposta: 4) – As per the Agile Manifesto, the first principle happens to focus on the highest priority to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of  valuable software.

Domanda n. 07

You are the Product Owner of an Agile Team. You get to know from the Legal Team that another Company owns a patent for an Innovation used in  your Team’s Product which is currently 60% Complete. Which of the following means should be carried out by you to help determine the Appropriate Way forward?

  1. A)Find out the Markets where the Patent is not registered by working with the Legal Team
  2. B)Terminate the Project Immediately to prevent any further Sunk Costs
  3. C)Continue work on the Product after removing the patented component
  4. D)Carry out Marginal Economic Analysis and Identify Minimum Releasable Features

Risposta: 4) – Marginal economic analysis helps determine if there is a viable way forward. Indentifying Minimal Releasable features can mitigate the economic loss.

Domanda n. 08

During User Story Estimation, your team is discussing about an Item in the Backlog. In the Discussion it becomes clear that the item can be Implemented in varied ways but the best way isn’t clear. Which of the following should be done by the Team to progress in this aspect?

  1. Go for the fastest alternative to build
  2. Make sure that you add a new Spike Item to the Backlog
  3. Go for the cheapest alternative to build
  4. Make sure that you add ranked alternatives to the backlog

Risposta: 2) – In a Spike, the Items are sufficiently researched to deliver the best business value via detailed and testable stories.

Domanda n. 09

Three Startups comprising of over 150 Agile Developers merge to constitute eight Agile Teams. They work on a Common Portfolio. Which of the following Agile Practices can best ensure release coordination among the teams?

  1. Mobbing
  2. Scrum of Scrum
  3. Feature-Driven development
  4. Scrumban

Risposta: 3) – FDD helps provide the most complete set of methods designed specifically for the needs of large software development projects like the one mentioned in this case.

Domanda n. 10

ABC Inc., a Startup, has quickly grown into three Agile Teams working on Interrelated Products. All the Three Teams have started experiencing Impediments and Gaps related to working in other Teams. Which of the following options depict as to how the Problem should be solved?

  1. Implement a Scrum of Scrum Layer
  2. Encourage Collaboration Tools over Meetings
  3. Merge Two Large Teams to reduce Issues
  4. Remove Dependencies between Teams

Risposta: 1) – it is an example of Program Management


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