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PMI-PBA-Guida alla Business Analysis

Una volta abilitato, con le tue credenziali potrai accedere la sintesi delle principali Tecniche di Business Analysis.

Alcune tecniche sono di carattere generale, pertanto si utilizzano in moti altri contesti, altre sono specifiche del mondo della Business Analysis .

Alcune sono state già descritte nei moduli di studio di PMI-PBA Prep Online.

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PESTLE Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces Framework
MOST Analysis
Resource Audit
Boston Box
SWOT Analysis
Ansoff’s Matrix
McKinsey 7-S Model
The Four-View Model
Critical Success Factors (CSF)
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Balanced Business Scorecard (BBs)
Questionnaires (or Surveys)
Special-purpose records
Document analysis
Rich pictures
Mind Maps
Context Diagrams
Stakeholder Nomination
Background Research
The Stakeholder Wheel
Power/Interest Grid
Business Activity Modeling

Stakeholders Management Planning
The Thomas—Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Principled Negotiation
Value Proposition Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Organization Diagram
Business Event Analysis
Business Process Modeling
Business Rules Analysis
Decision Tables and Decision Trees
Gap Analysis
Option Identification
Feasibility Analysis
Force-Field Analysis
Cost benefit Analysis
Impact Analysis
Risk Analysis
Investment Appraisal
Business Case Report Creation
Business Case Presentation
Hot Housing
MoSCoW prioritization

Requirements Organization
Requirements Documentation
Acceptance Criteria Definition
Requirements Validation
Requirements Management
Requirements Traceability Matrix
Use Case Diagrams and U. C. Descriptions
Entity Relationship Modeling
Class Modeling
CRUD Matrix
Cultural Analysis
Kurt Lewin’s Model of Organizational Change
The SARAH Model
The Learning Cycle
The Conscious Competence Model
Benefits Management
Benefits Realization

Internal Capability
Situation Analysis
Swim Lane
Configuration Management in Agile Env.

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