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Risk Management Program

Risk management is an important skill that can be applied to a wide variety of projects. In an era of downsizing, consolidation, shrinking budgets, increasing technological sophistication, and shorter development times, risk management can provide valuable insights to help key project personnel plan for risks, alert them of potential risk issues, analyze these issues, and develop, implement, and monitor plans to address the issues long before the issues surface and adversely affect project cost, performance, and schedule. If any employers are looking to sharpen their employees’ project management skills and showcase their specialized expertise in risk management, this course is meant for them.

What we do

RMstudy is a leading Education Provider imparting quality training to prepare professionals to manage risks associated with various projects.

This course is aligned with the concepts of Risk Management as defined by Project Management Institute (PMI®) and is a great way to prepare for PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®) exam.

Upon successful completion of the course, you get 20 PMI Approved PDUs (Activity # is RMSTUD). RMstudy course has been developed and evaluated by several PMPs and experts in project risk management.

Comprehensive Course Structure

Our Risk Management course is comprehensive and covers all the concepts required to be a Risk Management specialist. The course offers comprehensive study guides for all the chapters with examples that explain and illustrate the concepts for the benefit of the student. The concepts are explained in simple language using time-tested and proven training methodology, making it easy to understand even the complex topics. The Risk Management course has been developed and evaluated by several PMPs and experts in the field of project risk management. This course is aligned with the concepts of Risk Management as defined by Project Management Institute (PMI®) and is a great way to prepare for PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®) exam.

The basic classroom course is divided into the following 8 chapters.

  1. Principles and Concepts
  2. Introduction to Project Risk Management Processes
  3. Plan Risk Management
  4. Identify Risks
  5. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  6. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  7. Plan Risk Responses
  8. Monitor and Control Risks

The procedure that you should ideally follow while studying for online course is mentioned below:

  1. Read a particular chapter.
  2. Read the comprehensive study guides for the particular chapter.
  3. Take the Chapter Test. This will improve your understanding of concepts for that chapter.
  4. Take the evaluation test for that chapter. Once you pass the evaluation test, you will get access to the next chapter.

Please note: is a Mastery series; so as soon as you successfully complete the evaluation test for one chapter, you automatically get access to the next chapter. Every chapter builds on the concepts you learnt in the previous chapter.

Online + Mobile App include:

  • Online Study Material (Study Guides, Chapter tests, and Evaluation tests)
  • 90 days duration
  • 20 PMI approved PDUs (Online Certificate)

About Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®

With your advanced skills in risk management, you perform a specialized function attuned to the needs of a project environment that is increasingly global, virtual and complex. The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® highlights your ability to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities. In this capacity, you enhance and protect the needs of your organization. Gaining distinction as a PMI-RMP® sets you apart from other professionals and brings credit to your organization. Eighty-three percent of organizations that are high performers in project management practice risk management frequently while just 49 percent of low performers do so. The practice contributes to a handsome payoff: high performers meet their goals 2.5 times more often and waste 13 times less money than low performers, as found by our 2015 Pulse of the Profession® report. If you’re ready for greater recognition, the PMI-RMP will validate your specialized expertise and help you stand out to employers, stakeholders and peers.

About the PMI® (Project Management Institute®)

The Project Management Institute PMI® is the world’s leading not-for-profit project management professional association. PMI® supports over half a million members in 170 countries worldwide. PMI® members are individuals practicing and studying project management in many different industry areas. PMI® has become, and continues to be, the leading professional association in project management. More details can be found here:

Course Price

This online course fee is € 163,00 plus Italian VAT (IVA) – final price = €199,00.

Subscription Module

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For Italian Visitors Only

L’esame PMI-RMP è particoalrmente interessante, perché abbraccia molte competenze del Project Manager. Una buon preparazione deve seguire il programma qui descritto in lingua inglese, perchè l’esame è soltanto in lingua Inglese. Inoltre, conviene familiarizzare con tutto il contenuto del PMBOK Guide. Puoi affrontare questa certificazione, studiando dove vuoi e quando vuoi con la soluzione RMStudy. Probabilmente, per estendere le conocenze a tutta la disciplina del project management, senza necessariamente dover affrontare un altro esame di certificazione, puoi affiancargli il corso PMP-Prep Online, in modo da accedere alle spiegazioni di tutti i processi dello standard di project management descritto nel PMBOK Guide, essenziale per essere un buon Risk Manager.

PMI-RMP Prep Online– questo corso – viene offerto a metà prezzo chi partecipa al corso in aula: Utilizing Real World Risk Management in Preparation for the PMI-RMP® Exam
Codice: PM07.99 – fino a 40 PDUs/ Contact Hours (vedi REP Register)


Sintesi del corso in aula PM07.99

  • Two days – Advanced Risk Management
  • Two days – The Application of Risk Management in Case Studies
  • One day – Preparation for the RMP Exam, including test questions

    Descrizione del Corso

    Questo corso di formazione consente ai partecipanti di preparare l’esame di certificazione PMI-RMP® (Risk Management Professional) apprendendo la gestione del rischio secondo lo standard definito nel PMBOK ® Guide e la guida “Practice Standard for Project Risk Management” del PMI.

    Il corso illustra i processi di project management, relativi alla Gestione del Rischio, consentendo ai partecipanti di preparare l’esame di certificazione PMI-RMP® allineato allo Standard del PMBOK ® Guide 5th Edition, tenendo conto che il “Practice Standard for PRM” fa riferimento al PMBOK ® Guide 4th Edition. Allineato al programma di esame per la certificazione PMI-RMP®, il corso fornirà le competenze per identificare e valutare i rischi nel processo di sviluppo e implementazione dei progetti.

    Il corso è completamente in Italiano, facendo salve tutte le definizioni in Inglese, utili i fini dell’esame.

    Questo corso sarà aperto al pubblico secondo il nostro Calendario Corsi, oppure potrà essere erogato ONSITE presso le sedi dei clienti che ce lo richiederanno.

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